Atlantis Crystal Pyramid

The Atlantis Crystal Pyramid is a one-of-a-kind energetic experience, offering you an ‘opportunity’ to unwind, de-stress and relax, while feeling recharged and reconnected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Atlantis Crystal Pyramid has attracted all types of clientele; from spiritualists wanting a deeper soulful experience, to entrepreneurs and executives who desire to learn how to master their mind and ‘switch off’ the craziness of their brains, to everyday people wanting to feel clear, rejuvenated and let go of the heavy energy that surrounds them. It offers you the opportunity for clearing, clarity and connection (to your true self) while you relax and surrender the stresses of your life…and this is the most important aspect of the session.

The Crystal Pyramid in essence is Atlantean, meaning Ancient.

Our Feedback

“I just feel so much lighter and clearer, in my body and mind… its nothing like Ive experienced before

Relieve Anxiety

Feel a sense of surrendering your fears and quieten your mind from overwhelm and over-activity

More Clarity

Feel lighter and clearer in body and mind and let go of past experiences

Inner Peace

Fell an inner strength as you go forward in your life

Provides balance

Feel inner strength and a higher self worth as you move forward in your life

More Energy

Learn to let go of heavy energy that you have been holding and live a more purposful life

Spiritual Connection

Connect to your spirituality with purpose and manifest a life you truly desire

What does the Atlantis Pyramid have to offer

This world famous energy tool offers a unique experience of clearing heavy energy around you, to promote clarity and purposeful connection in your life.

You may feel all or some of the following after experiencing a session with the Atlantis Crystal Pyramid:

  • Feel lighter and clearer in body and mind
  • Have a sense of ‘letting go’ of past experiences that have been holding you back
  • Are able to quieten your mind from overwhelm and over-activity
  • Really feel a sense of Surrender of your fears and control
  • Can deal with life better because the heavy energy around you has shifted
  • Just feel so much more stronger and able to go forward in the world
  • Connect to your spirituality through your own soulful processes
  • Remember truths about yourself that have been hidden away
  • Can master your mind to create and manifest the life you truly desire
  • Have an experience that your mind may not comprehend, but your spirit relishes in.

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No matter what your experience, there is always some effect on an energetic level that then creates a transformative effect in your life.

Sessions 75 minutes. $120