Crystal Awakening Healing

An Advanced Crystal Chakra Healing is a powerful healing assisting in the process of balancing and aligning the chakra system. Bringing awareness to the issues that create blockage in the chakras.

Please allow 1 hour per session.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing can transform Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, High Blood Pressure, Headaches and Pain, Nervous Tension, Chakra Balance and more.

During a session of Sound Healing you willl be laying down, eyes closed with an assortment of instruments being used. Drums, rattles, chakra chimes, clap sticks and harmonic whirlies will be used over and around your body.

You may feel some sounds trigger feelings in different areas of the body, have different emotions come up or have a feeling of complete relaxation.

Please allow 30 minutes per session.

Inner Child Healing

An Inner Child Healing assists in transforming issues of painful childhood memories, disconnection with self, lack of wonder and excitement in life and loss of one’s creative side. It will assist with create joy in your life, excitement, transformation of childhood issues, self nurturing and connection to self.

Please allow 1 hour per session.

Expanded Heart Healing

This powerful Heart Healing is great to work with to clear and heal all matters of the heart.

Please allow 30 minutes per session.

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